• “Distinction #4: Craftsmanship “When skill is in harmony with artistry”

    Here are a few highlighted qualities that make the craftsmanship work done in our homes unique:


    Our basement foundations are built using the Superior Wall Foundation system, which have a lifetime guarantee for structural integrity and against water infiltration. Our crawlspace homes can be built with either a sealed system or conventional ventilated. In either case, we install sand in our crawlspace homes for a better vapor barrier and a dryer environment.



    We use pvc drainpipes under concrete vs. corrugated (see photo) to be sure they don’t crush. Foundation drains are piped to daylight to ensure a dry basement and crawlspace foundation. We use 5”, seamless aluminum downspouts to efficiently and effectively drain the water away from your home.



    We have brick inside our garages as the foundation wall instead of block. It’s tempting for builders to cut this corner, but we don’t. We use painted composite garage door jambs because metal tends to buckle easily. Metal must be replaced after one minor bump by a bicycle or a piece of lawn equipment. This can become costly.


    Decks & Porches

    Our composite decking boards will require less maintenance over the years than treated lumber. We use an upgraded Screen-Eze system for our screened porches. This provides for easier replacement when it becomes necessary, as well as a higher quality look.


    Sub-flooring & Framing

    To minimize the possibility of squeaks, we secure our sub floor with construction adhesive, then screw down (vs. nailing) a moisture resistant subfloor to provide a sound and solid floor system. Our framing techniques also allow for better insulated corners, floor systems, and attics. This goes hand-in-hand with our Energy Star program.

    sound barrier

    Sound Barrier

    For sound attenuation and a solid feel, we use solid doors in the bedrooms, half baths, and laundry room. We also insulate selective interior walls for privacy.

    audio video

    Technology & Audio/Video

    Today’s homebuyer must stay connected to the world so we pre-wire our homes with internet wiring in select rooms. We feed them to a central location along with all telecommunications and video wiring. This provides you with the infrastructure to set up a central home server network that will back up all your computers in one location.

    Our audio pre-wiring gives you the infrastructure to set up a home theater system as well as audio to various rooms with options for each zone. This is the way we wire all our homes.


    Energy Star, Green Building & WaterSense

    We are a certified Energy Star and Green Building corporation. We can also build your home under the WaterSense program, which is designed to use 20 percent less water than typical new homes.

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