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  • Feb 12

    Choosing the Right House Plan

    February 12, 2012

    I often meet with clients who want to build a new home, but they are overwhelmed by the amount of house plans from which to choose. I suggest an online search, print the floor plans you like, then narrow that search down to a few. From those few, circle what you like about each room on that floor plan. Before long, we are able to piece together your plan.


    It’s easy to get caught up in making sure the floor plan has everything you might want, like closet space or cabinet layout, but these issues can be worked out and added in the editing room (blueprints and specs). I guide my clients through a phased approach to designing their home.


    First, you need to determine the general layout, starting with the foundation type, number of garage doors, main level master, etc.  Second, you need to convey to your builder what’s most important to you and your family (maybe a large living room, or large dining room) with regard to the big picture of your home. If you are trying to keep the square footage in a certain range, this is really important. Finally, once the floor plan has been established, you can determine the elevations. Rooms may have to be shifted or changed to create a certain elevation, but we typically don’t draw our elevations until last. After the floor plan is established, you can then install the level of amenities that fit your budget.


    I often compare building a home to making a movie. We’ve all read a great book, but the movie was not as good. When your building a home, the idea can be great, but if the director (builder) does not guide you in the right direction regarding your plans or the building process, it too can flop. Imagine if someone other than George Lucas made the first Star Wars?

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